Holy Warrior

Holy WarriorA Portrait of Strength and Determination

Holy Warrior is authored by Gary Torgow, Rabbi Avrohom Abba Freedman‘s long time student and volunteer President of Detroit’s largest Jewish day school, Yeshiva Beth Yehudah. The book captures vividly and beautifully the essence of Rabbi Freedman’s life.

Rabbi Freedman’s entire life was devoted to serving the Almighty. The will of G-d was uppermost in his consciousness. He never deviated from his life’s mission to spread the word of G-d wherever he could find a receptive ear and an open heart.

Rabbi Freedman’s ability to see himself as nothing more than a humble servant allowed him to accept any role that would achieve his holy purposes. He had absolutely no compunctions about being the bus driver, the cook or the porter to pack and carry the bags if that is what was required to get the job done.

He burned with a love of Torah, a desire to raise the spiritual level of every Jew in his path. He never quit and never ever abandoned any person in whom he saw even a tiny spark of potential.

He was without a doubt the Almighty’s “Holy Warrior.”

Avrohom Abba Freedman
Detroit, Michigan
Trips for Kiruv
Service to Hashem
In Rabbi Freedman’s Own Words


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